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Pawbo Life Wifi Camera Complete Review

In the event that you feel terrible about allowing your pet to sit unbothered, at that point you need to Pick Best Pet Camera for peaceful journey. It will enable you to watch out for your pet constantly, and you may even have the capacity to play with them or give them treats while you’re away (contingent upon the camera you pick).

What actually is a Pet Camera?

A Video recorder for dog and cat offers a fun, simple approach to associate with your fuzzy companion anyplace, whenever. The remote camera can turn your cell phone, tablet, or PC into an exhaustive video screen. It can give genuine feelings of serenity to both you and your pet. It’s a flat out must-have for any stressed pet proprietor.

1-Pawbo Life WiFi Camera

This second era Pawbo Life camera offers a 720p HD live video, 130° wide-point focal point, alongside 4x advanced zoom, so you can catch and record each valuable minute by means of your cell phone. This pet treat camera accompanies an implicit amplifier so you can tune in and converse with your pet, a treat distributor so you can remunerate your pet with a tidbit, and a laser, so you can play with him while you’re grinding away. The setup is genuinely simple – you should simply to download the Pawbo Life application (Android and iOS perfect) and take after the guidelines. It is easy to explore through. Concerning the wifi, you’d require 2.4GHz network with WPA2-AES encryption (this is somewhat constraining for a few).

With the Pawbo, you can take photographs and recordings by means of the application and right away offer them with your companions through any web-based social networking, or store them on Dropbox or Google Drive. The best thing is that you can associate up to 8 clients in the meantime and control different cameras for best shared involvement. There are distinctive ringtones, so you can stand out enough to be noticed.

You can put the Pawbo pet treat camera on the floor or hang it on the divider on the off chance that you feel this is more appropriate. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a vast canine, you might need to hang it some place higher so they don’t disturb it to get the treats. The video quality is incredible and the photographs are clear. Essentially, you can put couple of little treats in the allocator and last dispatch them through the application. There are even sounds accessible like whimpering or sound of a plastic pack to get moment consideration from your pet. My canine goes crazy when he hears the plastic sack sound!

There are some littler issues however. The laser alternative can be somewhat enhanced to move speedier (particularly for those having felines). Moreover, the screen is settled and it can’t turn and offers a restricted edge. On the off chance that this is enhanced, we may have an impeccable item.


  • Extraordinary video/picture quality and moment reaction
  • Take photographs and in a split second offer them on Facebook
  • Awesome treat container operability and fun determination of sounds
  • Laser choice to play with my pooch


  • Settled screen that does not move, offering a restricted view
  • The laser might be enhanced to move quicker

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